When the wind blows: The future of the bloom energy industry

Jun 15, 2021 Gallery

The Jerusalem News has published an exclusive article by Israel’s largest newspaper on the future of Israel’s booming bloom oil industry, based on an exclusive interview with the owner of a major Israeli oil company.

In an exclusive report published on Sunday, the daily newspaper said that it had obtained a letter from the Israeli government’s Office of Investment Management that lays out its plans for the industry and outlines its key challenges.

The letter was signed by the Minister of Industry and Energy, David Sirota, as well as three of the heads of the major Israeli companies in the industry, who are currently in Israel: Israel Exploration and Production Corporation, Israel’s State Oil Company, and Israel’s National Oil Company.

The companies in question are Israel’s top oil companies, and all of them have been pushing to open up the blossom oil sector to international investment. 

In fact, Israel is set to open a new field, with plans to expand its current oil and gas fields to include the future production of flammable liquids from the bloom oil.

The report by the Jerusalem News said that the letter, which was not published in the Israeli press, had been sent to all of the companies, stating that they will all need an investment to develop the industry. 

The article said that Israel has set a target to expand the bloom field from its current level of about 6 million barrels per day (bpd) to over 30 bpd by 2030, which is expected to boost the country’s economy by 1.7 billion dollars ($1.4 billion). 

The blossom industry is a huge part of Israel, with about 20% of the country being located in the bloom fields, and this will have a significant impact on the countrys energy supply. 

“This is a significant step towards a new economic and strategic development of the bloom industry,” Sirotsa said.

“The bloom oil is a major source of revenue for Israel, and it is expected that the bloom will provide more than $1 billion annually for the Israeli economy.” 

The bloom is a gas-rich oil which is also used in fertilizers, pesticides, and as a source of energy for the nation’s electricity grid. 

While Israel has been a major producer of oil and natural gas, the bloom is only the most recent of the many oil fields to be opened to international oil and mining companies. 

There are currently five other oil and mineral exploration fields in the country, and several more are in development.

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