‘No’ to the Energy Security Bill

Jul 24, 2021 Gallery

Trieagle Energy, the oil and gas company behind the controversial pipeline project that would connect to the Trans Mountain pipeline, has agreed to the government’s Energy Security Act amendment, The Hill reported.

The Energy Security bill would prohibit the construction of new pipelines that will increase carbon emissions or exacerbate climate change, The Globe and Mail reported.

In addition, the proposed pipeline would be able to export tar sands oil, which is more expensive than crude.

The company’s CEO, David Albrecht, said the bill would be a “big win for Canada’s energy security.”

The Energy Safety Act will provide for the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound production, transportation, and use of crude oil and natural gas.

However, the legislation will also protect our communities from environmental degradation by mandating an industry-wide moratorium on the construction, operation, or disposal of any pipeline, tank, or storage facility that poses a threat to the environment.

The bill will also provide the necessary safeguards for the oil sands and the industry’s contribution to the global climate.

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