Which NFL team has the best and worst players?

Jul 19, 2021 Gallery

Fox Sports NFL Insider Adam Schefter reports the Miami Dolphins are the only team to have the best players, and that they have the least amount of problems.

“The Dolphins are a great team, but the biggest problem with them is their players,” Schefter said.

“They’re not as good as they used to be.

They’ve got a lot of injuries, and they’ve got to get that right.

The Dolphins have an amazing offense, and the offense is their bread and butter.

But the problems are going to be when they go on the road.”

Schefter went on to compare Miami’s issues to what he called “the NFL’s version of a hangover.”

“The Dolphins have some really good players on the roster,” Scheff said.

“(They) have some good offensive linemen, they have a really good running back in Lamar Miller, but they’ve been playing pretty well lately.”

Their defense, as good or better than the rest of the NFL, hasn’t been good, and it’s just that the offense has been a little slow, and some of the big plays have been missed.

“But the offense, I mean, the defense is their Achilles heel, and their offense has to get better.

I think they’re getting better.

But if they don’t get better, they’re going to have a tough time.”

Scheff also noted that the Chargers are not doing anything wrong, despite having a tough schedule.

“San Diego has a tough, tough schedule, so the Chargers should be a good team, and if they play a good defense, they should be able to keep up with the Chargers,” Scheffer said.

The NFL’s top teams and the bottom teams are separated by 10 points.

ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen said it would be tough for any team to compete with the Patriots and Panthers.

“Both teams have the top talent in the NFL,” Mortensen told Schefter.

“I think the Patriots have a very good quarterback, Tom Brady, and he’s very skilled at what he does.

I really don’t see them being able to beat either of those teams.”

The Falcons, Cowboys and Bears are all in the top five.

The Packers are in the bottom five, and have been to the playoffs three straight years.

The Bengals are in seventh.

The Redskins are in eighth.

The Vikings are in ninth, and haven’t made the playoffs in 10 years.

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