A nuclear power station in the UK could open in 2019

Aug 29, 2021 Gallery

Energy drinks brand Ambit Energy is developing an energy drink that uses nuclear energy.

The company’s head of business development, Mark Storch, said the drinks company had been studying how to use nuclear energy to produce energy, and was working on the project.

“Ambit Energy has been working on nuclear power for many years,” Mr Storcha said.

“We were looking at ways to produce electricity using nuclear energy, we were looking into how to do this in a sustainable way, and we had an idea of how we could build this power station and how to operate it.”

The project is currently in its early stages and the work that we are doing to build this is taking place with the support of the Government and the support from a number of partners.

“Mr Storchin said the drink would be marketed to customers, but not necessarily built.”

It is very much an exploration into the potential of this technology, it is very exciting,” he said.

Mr Storrch said the project would be the first in the world to be powered by nuclear energy and that Ambit was looking to invest in renewable energy technologies.”

There is no question that nuclear energy is the most renewable energy source in the universe,” he added.”

As an example, nuclear energy has been used to produce the world’s most efficient wind turbine, to generate the world-leading wind energy.

“The drink was unveiled on the company’s website this morning.”

In 2020, Ambit will be opening its first power station to the public and providing the world with its most energy efficient energy drink in a very simple, low-cost and sustainable way,” it said.

Energy drinks brands are not the only ones hoping to build a nuclear power plant.

Last year, the Japanese government approved the construction of a nuclear reactor for the country’s reactors at Fukushima, and a German company has also applied to build one in the country.


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