A new energy efficiency metric is getting traction

Sep 22, 2021 Distribution

In this month’s energy efficiency rankings, there’s a new metric that’s catching the eye of many.

It’s called “energy efficiency” and it’s an approach that helps businesses get their energy bills down.

It doesn’t mean the world will be clean by 2020, but it will allow companies to do things like cut energy use while still getting paid for their energy.

Here’s how it works.

“Energy efficiency” doesn’t just apply to energy use.

It also refers to the efficiency of a building’s construction.

The building can use less energy when it’s used to store more of the building’s energy.

This can be an advantage for companies that can store more energy than they consume.

Building energy efficiency is also a matter of design, and the building needs to be made as energy efficient as possible.

Here are some of the ways to measure energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is measured by the amount of energy needed to perform a task.

This includes energy needed for lighting, heating, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation, and electricity.

In other words, a company that uses an energy efficient heating system will need to have more energy to heat the house.

Companies can choose to include other energy use factors, such as energy demand and electricity consumption.

Companies will also need to measure the amount and type of energy used to run a business.

“The energy efficiency score for a business is based on the amount a business uses energy to perform its operations, and how much energy it consumes,” the Energy Efficiency Institute’s Chris Ewert explains.

“This score is a measure of energy efficiency of that business.”

If a business spends less energy than it consumes, it will have a lower energy efficiency rating.

If it spends more than it uses, it’ll have a higher energy efficiency.

There are two ways to use energy efficiency as an overall measure.

One way is to take the total amount of the business’s energy use and divide it by the number of employees and employees per business unit.

This gives you the number needed to get from one business unit to the next.

This method has been used by businesses since the 1970s.

“If a business has one employee per business, and one employee has two computers, the two businesses can be combined to get an energy efficiency for each business unit of one computer,” says Ewern.

“In this example, one computer is used to do the energy optimization for the two business units.”

In the United States, energy efficiency ratings are based on average energy use per employee and per business.

If a company spends more energy per employee than it’s using, it has a higher rating.

This is the approach that the Energy Efficient Building Initiative takes.

This metric also applies to companies that buy energy efficiency equipment.

Ewen says this is because energy efficiency can be a way to save money on energy bills and also save money when it comes to the overall cost of the energy efficiency system.

“When you’re buying energy efficient equipment, you’re saving money in the long run,” he explains.

He adds that it’s also worth paying attention to energy efficiency because “efficiency can also be good for your bottom line.”

The other way to measure efficiency is to measure how much time you have to complete a task or work, or how long it takes to do something.

Companies that have more time to complete their work or tasks will have higher energy efficiencies.

The energy efficiency inefficiencies are not measured in terms of how long the company has been using energy efficient systems, but in terms.

“It’s actually more of an issue in terms the energy use versus the energy utilization,” Ewenn says.

Companies using more energy inefficient systems tend to have a shorter amount of time for completing tasks or tasks than those that use energy efficient technology.

“There are a lot of things that can be done with energy efficiency that may not be reflected in the energy consumption,” Eweert explains, “but they’re not going to go away, so they’re going to have the same impact.”

Here’s a list of companies that have used energy efficient energy efficiency and their energy efficiency scores:

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