How Duke Energy and Peco Energy are now the dominant players in the energy market

Sep 1, 2021 Products

Duke Energy stock is up more than 13% since March.

Peco is up nearly 4%.

What’s the big deal?

The stock is the result of the $100 million deal between the two companies that has been described as a “game-changer.”

Duke is a major energy player in the U.S., but the utility company has struggled with low natural gas prices and other issues.

Pecom is focused on its shale gas production.

And Peco was created as a private company, a move that made it the biggest player in New York state.

Now, its stock has soared, rising almost 100%.

In February, the New York Times reported that the deal was part of a plan to bring Duke and Pecom together to help make the electric grid work better.

But the plan was never fully realized.

Duke has been struggling to recover from the natural gas boom.

It’s now facing new challenges from its aging infrastructure, including more expensive natural gas and carbon emissions.

PeCom is also struggling to compete with cheaper natural gas.

The company has faced an even bigger challenge from its growing reliance on coal, which is the largest source of electricity in the state.

The company has been selling shares at a steep discount to the value of its shares over the last year, making the stock more valuable than ever before.

It recently raised $8 billion in a $1.8 billion deal that also includes a $5 billion loan.

But that loan was not repaid, which has resulted in a decline in value.

In February, Pecom reported that it had lost $1 billion in the last three years, or $15 billion, according to its latest quarterly financial report. 

What are the big issues?

In the past year, the utilities have been grappling with rising demand from renewable energy, which makes up nearly 40% of the state’s power supply.

Duke’s share of renewable power has fallen from 31% in January to 29% in March.

But it still has about 50% of its power coming from wind, solar and hydroelectric.

PeCo, meanwhile, is losing money from coal.

The utility has been forced to cut millions of dollars from its coal plants, but has been losing money on its natural gas plants.

PeCoea is also having a difficult time selling coal.

Duke bought PeCokea in the middle of a big coal plant closing in North Carolina, but it hasn’t made any major moves to bring coal back to the state and is not expected to.

Peco is the dominant energy company in the New Jersey energy market, so it’s not surprising that it is leading the market.

But Peco’s share has declined slightly since February, and PeCo is struggling to maintain its lead in New Jersey.

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