Duke Energy is offering to sell you its biofuels at a discount.

Oct 20, 2021 Products

By James Pang Read moreThe announcement was made at Duke Energy’s announcement event, held at the New South Wales Institute of Technology, on Monday, the company said in a statement.

“We have a strong commitment to sustainability and working with stakeholders to find a way to ensure a safe, efficient, and low-cost transition to renewable energy,” Duke Energy chief executive Greg McIvor said.

“I’m pleased to announce that Duke Energy will be introducing a biofuel that we believe will provide a competitive and secure alternative to traditional fuels.”

Biofuels are an important energy resource in the long term, and we are investing in the development of the technology and infrastructure to support a future powered by biofuel.

“Biofuel can be made from sugar, corn, or vegetable oil and is generally produced from feed crops, including cotton and soybeans.

Duke Energy said it hoped to start producing biofuils in the “medium term”.

It said that in its latest financial report for the financial year ended March 31, the energy giant reported an operating loss of $16.3m.

The company said it was reducing the price of its fuel to $1.50 per litre.

The company said that as of March 31 it had bought $15.5m worth of fuel for the biomass sector, which included biomass pellets from corn and soybean, and $5.1m worth for oil from corn, soybean and cotton. 

Energy companies are expected to ramp up the production of biofuil pellets, which will be sold for $2.99 a kilogram.

Duke Energy said that its biofuel is made from a mixture of sugar, rice hulls, corn starch, and corn-based proteins.

It is produced from the sugar in corn husks and processed by heat and pressure, using a proprietary process.

It has also applied to the Federal Government for permission to import sugar from Australia and has secured export approval for it from Australia’s Department of Agriculture.

Dukas biofuylate is a feedstock that can be grown on land that is not suitable for agriculture and is usually made from grain and grass.

The price of biofuel has fallen dramatically in recent years, although it is still priced above $2 a litre, which is not cheap.

Dakota Energy, the largest US producer of corn ethanol, has also been looking to ramp-up production of its bioethanol, which has a higher ethanol content and can be sold at lower prices. 

Dakson Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which operates the world’s largest wind farm in North Dakota, have been seeking to ramp production of corn bioethanol.

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