Duke Energy is taking a look at a new energy equation

Oct 14, 2021 Distribution

Duke Energy’s new energy strategy calls for a shift away from a reliance on natural gas and renewables and toward “clean” energy, which could lead to a new electricity mix in the U.S. article The company’s new Energy Union report is the latest in a series of analyses from the company and other energy-focused think tanks that have questioned the viability of relying on fossil fuels for power generation.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Energy Union’s CEO, Jeff Smith, explained that the company is examining a new way of thinking about the utility’s energy strategy.

“It’s not just the need to make energy efficient, it’s the need for it to be clean, efficient, efficient,” Smith told The Daily Book.

“And I think that’s where the energy balance comes from, that’s what the balance of the power, the balance, really comes down to.”

The company is already examining a strategy that would focus on “the right mix of energy” to meet the demands of its customers.

“What we are seeing in our data is a new, broader energy balance,” Smith said.

“We’re not just looking at gas, or renewables, or even hydro.

We have to be smarter in our mix, and our mix is clean, it has to be energy efficient.” “

But we also need to be smart in terms of our mix of power.

We have to be smarter in our mix, and our mix is clean, it has to be energy efficient.”

In a statement, Duke Energy said that it “has taken a holistic approach to the energy mix,” which is a “critical component” to its success.

“The transition from coal to natural gas is part of our energy mix strategy.

This strategy includes an analysis of what is best for our customers and their families,” the statement reads.

“Duke Energy is committed to providing the safest and most reliable energy to our customers.

We also believe we are on the right track in developing a more sustainable energy mix.”

While the company hasn’t revealed its strategy, it does have some ideas on how to achieve its goals.

“One thing we are doing is looking at the energy equation.

And we are looking at how do we get our energy to meet those requirements of our customers,” Smith explained.

“In order to do that, we need to look at what is right for the environment, and we need it to support our mission of supporting jobs, making our communities more resilient and helping our citizens thrive.”

Smith added that Duke Energy wants to “develop the right mix” of power sources for its customers, including “natural gas, renewables, and the like.”

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